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WonderLab is a process-based art atelier which offers creative play sessions for children in Killara Sydney, Australia. Children in our studio feel welcome and supported to make a mess, move, express their artistic ideas and create their unique art works. They are encouraged to explore their individuality in a non-competitive environment and grow their artistic talents in a relaxed and safe way.


Art Play workshops

Process based creative play sessions for children 5 years and under


School holiday art camps

Full day art sessions for school-aged children (5-10 years old)


Art Club for ages 5-10

Art classes for school aged children (weekdays and weekends)


Birthday Parties

Art and sensory play party. Let's glow for your party!

ART PLAY (ages 2-5)

Get messy and creative with your children in the studio with hands-on, interactive and open-ended art experiences exploring art concepts and interesting art media in a relaxed, non-competitive manner.

We will paint giant boxes, bedsheets, perspex sheets and murals, constructing with wire, clay and loose parts, dance, move and explore art through music, read picture books about artists and their art works. We will also experiment with sensory materials such as goop, slime, rice and playdough.

Throughout the year the children will get familiar with a variety of skills and techniques of working with art materials building a solid foundation and interest for mastering their future artisctic skills.
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Art Play ages 2-3 - Term 4 (starts Oct 14)
Price: $225 for a term (9 sessions)
-Monday Classes 10.00-11.00_________
-Thursday Classes 10.00-11.00________

Art Play ages 3-5 - Term 4 (starts Oct 14)
Price: $225 for a term (9 sessions)
-Monday Classes 1.00-2.00__________
-Thursday Classes 1.00-2.00_________
-Friday Classes 9.30-10.30 or 1.00-2.00__
If you missed the beginning of the term and would still like to join the program, we can pro-rata the term pass fee. Contact us

Parents are responsible for the child at all times (no drop-offs) and are encouraged to participate in art creations with their children.


Our camps explore a variety of visual art experiences including painting, drawing, sculpture, mixed media and more to take children on an experiential journey where their own ideas are celebrated. Our program is open-ended and unstructured which helps children practice creativity and imagination while exploring the potential and language of art materials.
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Upcoming: October 2019 school holidays at our Studio in Killara (674, Pacific Highway)

DRAWING school holiday camp (9am-4pm)
A fun contemporary art drawing camp where children will explore and discover a multitude of ways of using drawing materials: pencil, charcoal, soft pastel, crayons, pens and ink. We will draw inventions, make marks which tell a story, draw with your bodies and much more.

SLIME AND POTIONS school holiday camp (9am-4pm)
Join us for a super fun week of potion and slime making of all kinds. We'll experiment and investigate interesting ingredients to create wild concoctions, bubbling potions and fizzy creations.

STEAMPUNK school holiday camp (9am-4pm)
Join us for a steampunk art camp to learn how to turn ordinary objects into steampunk creations. Explore the features of steampunk design and use a myriad of small loose parts to create unique art works that are striking and beatiful.

For ages: 5-10

*Drop-off available; provide lunch for your child, we will provide light healthy snacks


We love to celebrate through art at WonderLab and more importantly, we think birthdays are a special opportunity to showcase the interests and passions of your child!

WonderLab can run one of our art workshops at your birthday party to ensure your birthday boy or girl and your guests are kept entertained and immersed into a fun and engaging art experience! You can choose to hold the party at our studio in Killara or order a mobile party with us coming to your place.

Our birthday parties are 2 hour long, and include an art project facilitated by WonderLab teachers. A typical program includes:
- One collaborative art mural painted with acrylic paints by all children;
- Designated work tables and areas for creating process art or experimenting with sensory materials: e.g. paints, glowing-in-the-dark materials, collage, cardboard sculputre, slime and potions, coloured rice, plaster figurines, Harry Potter themed experiences.
 - Half an hour before the party for gatherings and half an hour after the art program for food and cake (bring your own)

Duration: 2 hour
Number of children: maximum 10 if the party is in our studio (our studio space is not very large - 10 children and 10 accompanying adults is an ideal number for having a nice party experience. For larger parties, we strongly suggest you encourage parents to drop off. Any additional children will be charged $15 a child).
Price: starting from $400*

Send me a full program with party themes

* Please provide us with information on your child's interests and preferred art experiences, and we will customize the program for you.

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ART CLUB (ages 5-10)

Throughout the school year children will explore different media & skills to work with art materials including drawing, painting, collage, pottery, sculpture focusing on elements and principles of visual art.

Please note that we do not do step-by-step teacher-instructed artworks allowing children to 'think like real artists' and create their own individual artworks. In a safe and freindly environment even most shy and reserved children will have an opportunity to create and explore their artistic talent.

We celebrate children's uniqueness and do not compare children's results to each other or someone else's art works.

We do not produce identical perfect looking artworks on the easel - instead we learn to be creative and unique. As the artist and art teacher Hamish Betts argues: 'Every student should be creating their own art work. I never want students to create the same picture and I do not encourage copying. I celebrate what students can create and give them the choice to make work that is varied.'

We also do not introduce big artists and ask children to copy masters. We get children explore art materials and create first, and then when they are finished we might research a couple of masters and try to find which artist has a similar art style to what the children have created. We believe that this method gives children confidence in their own ability to create.
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After School Art Club - Term 4 (starts OCt 14)
Price: $270 for a term (9 sessions)
-Monday Classes 4.00-5.30___
-Thursday Classes 4.00-5.30__
-Friday Classes 4.00-5.30____

Saturday Art Club - Term 4 (starts Oct 14)
Price: $360 for a term (9 sessions)
- Saturday Classes 10.00-12.00_

If you missed the beginning of the term and would still like to join the program, we can pro-rata the term pass fee. Contact us

* Drop-off class

Creative Kids Voucher details can be added in the registration form when you book your tickets. Upon successful completion of the order where a voucher is filled out correctly, we will then process a refund to the same bank card or PayPal account that you completed the order with for $100. Please allow for 5-7 business days after receiving a refund confirmation email for the funds to appear in your bank accout.


We never miss a class! Three terms in, and Victoria keeps coming up with something new - offering always interesting yet age-appropriate activities most of us parents would prefer not to try at home with the kids. She clearly adores what she does and it shows.

What an amazing class. Victoria was brilliant, she had every child completely captivated for the entire hour. My daughter had so much fun painting, dancing, and lying on her tummy drawing with charcoal. What a great introduction to art.

My son comes home wanting to extend on class projects and create more art! He is always looking forward to the next class. I highly recommend these classes to anyone wanting their children to be inspired to think creatively, in a hands on learning environment while having so much fun.

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